12 Tips And Tricks To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast

To Get Google AdSense approval fast and easily you have to work hard on your new blog or website because the Google AdSense team has not become so strict and take care of who gets approved Adsense account, Many beginner bloggers want to make money with Google AdSense as Adsense is one of the top PPC and contextual ad network on the internet now which put them ahead from all their competitors also if you are having a blog or website then you can make a good amount of earnings from Adsense, in fact, some bloggers are earning huge amount of income from Adsense alone so it’s worth to get Google Adsense to account approval fast to grab your share of the money.

How To Get Google Adsense Approved Fast Tricks

But the sad story is that as said earlier google now has become selective in approving websites as they want to give value to their advertisers so many newbie bloggers simply cannot get AdSense approval easily and get discouraged and become skeptical about their blogs after getting rejected, you don’t have to get discouraged in fact you can apply after but for those who had tried and does not get google Adsense approval then in this post I am going to share few tips and tricks which will help you to get your Google Adsense approved fast and easily.

But before sharing google Adsense approval tips and tricks with you let me tell you that before applying for it make sure that your blog meets the AdSense policies and guidelines which are mentioned below unless and until your blog does not meet the following requirements it is very hard to get AdSense approval easily so make sure that all the tips and tricks mentioned below must be justified by your blog or website and this will greatly increase the chances to get your Google AdSense account approved fast and quickly So now without wasting much of your precious time lets start.

1) Quality Content – This is the most important tip to get AdSense approval fast and you must write good quality content for your blog or website and Google give more priority to good quality content and articles  Just make sure that doesn’t apply for AdSense unless your blog has a good amount of content and this does not mean that you can publish any crappy articles on your blog and wait for account approval   You are definitely not going to get your Google Adsense account approved So make sure that your blog is having at least 30 to 50 quality blog posts which are unique before applying.
Also, keep in mind that write lengthy post approx 300 to 500 minimum and I have seen blogger who is just writing a few lines of a blog post on their blog and asking question everywhere why google is not approving my Adsense account Simple Google don’t want quantity they want a good combination of quality as well as quantity which will definitely put a great impression on Adsense approval team while reviewing your blog or website.
2) Blog Domain Age – This is also a very important thing to keep in your mind that Google has guidelines for a few Asian countries like India and China where they require that a blog or website must be at least 6 months old why? because they want the publishers to have some good amount of content on their blog before applying however this is not a strict rule I have seen publishers who get AdSense account approval within 2 to 3 months because they were really producing some good amount quality content but generally google abide by this rule of 6 months for Asian countries   I myself got AdSense approval very fast in 2 months but it was way back in 2012 when AdSense policies and guidelines were not that much strict and publishers at that time were able to get their AdSense account approved very easily.
3) User Friendly – Adsense team wants websites to be user friendly and must be not under construction mode, links must be not broken and make sure that your blog loads faster  Make sure that your site design is neat and clean and not much cluttered which gives the unprofessional look and also try to create your sitemap for your blog especially if you are using blogger platform which makes your blog more search engine as well as user friendly.
4) Privacy and Contact Info – Well you must know that how google stands by its privacy policies and security issues and they want that visitors critical information like email addresses, phone numbers and passwords to be highly confidential So for your blog make sure you are having privacy policy page and contact us page which helps your readers to contact you and this will give more professional look and increase your trust in eyes of Google and by doing this trick you can boost the chances to get your AdSense account approval easily.
5) Top Level Domain ( TLD ) – If you are having a blog with blogger.com or wordpress.com then make sure that you do not apply as Google are not approving blog hosted on free domains like blogspot.com or wordpress.com  and there are millions of blog which are hosted in blogger.com so one cool trick you can do here is to buy a custom domain name and redirect to your blogspot.com or wordpress.com blogs with 301 redirects and this will increase the chances to get your AdSense account approved fast.
6) Illegal Content – Before applying for Google AdSense make sure that your blog is not having any illegal content like adult content, gambling, hacking, casino or drug abuse content  Google really hates and will never approve your Adsense account So if you have contents which fall into this category I highly recommend to remove all of them before submitting your blog for AdSense approval.
7) Copyright Materials – I have seen many bloggers simply copy and paste content from other websites and apply for Adsense and Google is smart enough to track this down also they will not approve your application if your blog is violating any of their terms and conditions and copyright issues is the biggest one in which Google is very very strict So if you have images, content, videos or any other material in your blog which does not have the authority to publish it then you must remove it from your blog quickly.
8) Age Restrictions –  To get AdSense approval your age must be 18 years or above and if you are less than this one trick you can do is by applying with your parents or guardian information but make sure that while applying you must enter correct information like payee name, mailing address etc and this information must be accurate so that you can get AdSense to account approval fast.
9) Language support – Google Adsense is not yet available for all the languages so if your blog or website is not in English then you must check first the list of languages that Google Adsense supports before applying for AdSense approval.
10) Blog ownership – Again this is one of the most important that you must have the rights to edit the HTML source code for your blog or website and this is the process which Google uses to authenticate the ownership of the blog for which you are applying because earlier many spammers misused these tactics to get fast Adsense approval by applying with other websites which they don’t have ownership So Google wants to make sure this in the first place before approving your Google Adsense account.
11) Other Ad networks – If your blog has many other ads displayed in your blog then make sure to remove them before applying for AdSense because there are ads networks that show very distracting and frustrating ads like popups, flash banners, pop-unders etc so to give more professional look make sure that you get rid of all these ads but once you get your AdSense account approved then you can use them later with no problem but make sure that those ads must not overlap or indulge with google ads in any way.
12) One Account Only – You are not allowed to have more than one AdSense account and this is a very strict rule of the google Adsense team if you are ever found of having more than 1 Adsense account then you can be banned from Google Adsense and never get Adsense to account approval again So don’t do this if you already have an account also once you have your Adsense account approved you can place ads on as many blog and websites you want but they must abide by google Adsense terms and guidelines.
So, friends, these were a few most important 12 tips and tricks on how to get google AdSense approval fast and easily if you have any questions you can ask me via comments and if you get rejected or disapproved then don’t get disappointed in fact work on the area where you are doing mistakes and correct them and apply again after 20 to 30 days and you can get Google AdSense account approval easily and last but not the least don’t forget to subscribe to get more google Adsense tips and tricks

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