10 weird words you never knew existed

words - 10 weird words you never knew existed

Phrases play an vital position in conveying an thought. With out them, it will likely be extraordinarily tough to precise ideas and feelings.

They are often fascinating, scintillating, emotive, multifaceted and poignant—all on the identical time.

Linguistically, a phrase is a single distinct significant factor of speech or writing, used with others (or generally alone) to kind a sentence and usually proven with area on both aspect when written or printed.

There are literally thousands of phrases that kind part of our vocabulary and hundreds extra that don’t.

Whereas some phrases are quite common and in use, many are lesser-known however fascinating. A lot of them might sound unfamiliar and weird to many people, however they’re fascinating for positive.

Listed here are 10 extraordinary phrases that you simply by no means knew existed.

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1. Balter

Definition: Dancing clumsily with none specific grace or talent however often with enjoyment.

Instance: ‘Tracy doesn’t dances, she balters.’

2. Defenestrate

Definition: Throwing an individual or factor out of a window.

Instance: ‘Harry made me so irritated, I needed to combat the urge to defenestrate him.’

3. Nibling

Definition: The gender-neutral time period for nieces or nephews

Instance: ‘My spouse has 5 niblings.’

4. Griffonage

Definition: Careless or illegible handwriting.

Instance: ‘My brother’s griffonage is a heavy process to decipher.’

5. Dysania

Definition: The state of discovering it arduous to get off the bed within the morning.

Instance: ‘Ronald is at all times late for work as a result of he suffers from Dysania.’

6. Pentapopemptic

Definition: An individual who has been divorced 5 occasions.

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Instance: ‘Do you know that your new neighbor is a pentapopemptic?’

7. Cancatervate

Definition: Heaping issues right into a pile.

Instance: ‘What number of occasions do I’ve to let you know to rearrange your stuff correctly and never simply cancatervate every thing?

8. Paresthesia

Definition: The prickly feeling when your limb ‘falls asleep’ – often known as pins and needles!

Instance: ‘Are you able to please go and get my pockets? I can’t rise up due to paresthesia.’

9. Cachinnate

Definition: To chuckle very, very loudly.

Instance: ‘The film was so humorous that we simply couldn’t cease cachinnating on a regular basis!’

10. Phosphene

Definition: The celebs or dots you see while you rub your eyes.

Instance: ‘I can’t see clearly resulting from all of the phosphenes’

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