4 lies you don’t have to tell to impress a man

liemen - 4 lies you don't have to tell to impress a man

Honesty is a human trait that’s appreciated all over the place on the earth. Be it in a enterprise dealing, in social circles or in a relationship, nobody appreciates dishonesty.

Understandably, folks misinform get monetary benefit, escape punishment, or to really feel cool.

None of those causes justifies the act of mendacity and irrespective of how tempted you’re, you shouldn’t lie for any of the explanations listed above, and neither must you misinform get somebody’s consideration, or to get them to love you.

Anybody who’s going to love you’ll achieve this due to who you’re and what you stand for, so there’s no want to alter or cease being your self.

There’s additionally completely no purpose to lie in regards to the issues listed under.

1. I’ve tons of male buddies

One of the frequent issues to listen to Nigerian ladies say lately is “I even have extra male buddies than feminine buddies.” If that’s genuinely true, there isn’t any downside.

However if you’re faking that and telling a man simply so he can assume you’re cooler than you actually are, then you’re extremely mistaken. Ladies having extra feminine buddies has by no means been a nasty thought and can by no means be a nasty thought.

2. I don’t thoughts friendship with advantages

So that you like a man a lot however he says he’s not prepared for a relationship, however doesn’t thoughts a state of affairs the place you each keep buddies, and luxuriate in informal intercourse.

You might be extraordinarily bothered by intercourse with out feelings and dedication, and you already know deep down that you’re incapable of it, however you lie and inform him it’s nice. The quantity of heartache this can fetch you may be limitless.

3. I’m not that delicate, actually

You realize a specific amount of men who don’t like overly delicate girls, and your crush says the identical factor. “I really don’t recognize girls with an excessive amount of emotion. it scares me,” he says.

So that you reply with one thing about being one of the crucial aloof girls God ever created when you already know that you’re nothing however an enormous bag of mushiness.

4. I actually like soccer

Don’t inform this lie. You’ll be enjoying your self for those who do.

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