9 dangers of drinking too much water

wate - 9 dangers of drinking too much water

Water is important on your life and well-being. However ingesting an excessive amount of of it (overhydration) can result in water intoxication.

This, in flip, can result in hyponatremia and impaired mind operate. What are the signs of water intoxication? Can it’s reversed? Learn this put up to seek out solutions to all these questions. Swipe up!

What’s water intoxication?

Water intoxication, often known as overhydration or water poisoning, is a life-threatening situation brought on by ingesting an excessive amount of water. It’s characterised by electrolyte imbalance or low sodium focus in blood (lower than 135 mEq/L), which is named hyponatremia.

Signs of water intoxication are confusion, nausea, vomiting, headache, and disorientation. Extreme instances of water intoxication may result in coma or dying. Listed beneath are 9 unwanted effects of ingesting an excessive amount of water.

1. Causes hyponatremia

Hyponatremia is a lower in sodium ranges beneath 135 mEq/L blood serum. It occurs on account of fast overhydration. Sodium is a crucial salt that helps in cell signaling and numerous different features within the physique. So, when your serum sodium ranges drop, you begin feeling nauseous, disoriented, fatigued, or get a headache. In extreme instances, it may additionally result in dying.

2. Causes the cells to swell up

When the sodium degree in your physique decreases, water enters the cell by means of the semipermeable cell membrane by means of the method of osmosis. This leads to swelling up of the cells. The swelling of the physique cells (together with the mind) causes severe injury to the muscle tissues, organs, and mind.

3. Could trigger diarrhea

Overhydration could lead to extreme diarrhea and extended sweating. It’s prompted on account of hypokalemia or a lower in potassium ions. The stability between intracellular and extracellular potassium ions is hampered whenever you drink an excessive amount of water. In reality, a mere 1% change in potassium ion distribution can result in a whopping 50% change in plasma potassium ion focus (7).

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4. Impacts the mind

Hyponatremia or low sodium within the blood could cause the mind to swell up. This, in flip, leads to speech incapacity, disorientation, strolling instability, psychosis, and even dying.

Overhydration could result in coronary heart failure in folks present process dialysis. The center performs the important operate of pumping blood by means of your total physique. While you eat an excessive amount of water, it will increase the quantity of blood inside your physique. The elevated blood quantity exerts pointless strain on the blood vessels and coronary heart. It might additionally generally result in seizures.

6. Overburdens the kidneys

Overhydration could trigger acute kidney harm (AKI). Excessive water consumption additionally lowers plasma ranges of arginine vasopressin, which helps protect kidney operate. Consuming an excessive amount of water can put strain in your kidneys to operate continuously. Your kidneys can filter a couple of liter of fluid per hour from the physique. Past that, they should work further onerous to keep up homeostasis.

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7. Could trigger liver issues

It is very important notice that this downside is just not brought on by merely ingesting an excessive amount of water. Somewhat, it occurs by ingesting an excessive amount of water with iron in it. Iron overload is just not precisely detrimental, however in uncommon instances, it might trigger liver-related issues. Individuals with liver cirrhosis are susceptible to growing hyponatremia.

8. Frequent urination

Frequent urination, say as soon as in each quarter-hour, could be actually irritating, whether or not you’re at house, work, or faculty. While you drink an excessive amount of water, your kidneys operate continuously. Because of this, it is advisable rush to the washroom repeatedly.

9. Poses the danger of chlorine overdose

Chlorine is used to disinfect ingesting water. However, ingesting an excessive amount of water can put you susceptible to chlorine overdose. When that occurs, you’re susceptible to growing bladder and colorectal cancers.

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