AKA opens up on how he ended beef with Sizwe Dhlomo

Sizwe Dhlomo AKA - AKA opens up on how he ended beef with Sizwe Dhlomo

AKA confirms in a latest interview that issues are cool between Sizwe Dhlomo and himself.

Throughout lockdown, their relationship received dirty and it went actually dangerous via Twitter struggle.

Their beef trended on social media, because it turned a serious discuss amongst followers after the rapper went for Sizwe’s household.

Though, Supa Mega apologized, however opening up in an interview with Slikour, the daddy of 1 stated they frolicked and he apologized.

“Ha ha, I don’t say me and Sizwe ever kumbaya’d however you recognize me and Sizwe have recognized one another for a protracted lengthy very long time … so, I simply umh, you recognize Warras is an effective pal of mine and an excellent pal of Sizwe’s as effectively.”

“And, umh, Warras simply organized for us to take a seat down and we sat down and we stated, ‘ayt cool, that is the way it’s going to be’ … I stated I’m sorry and we hold shifting on, that’s what males do … proper?”

Their wholesome relationship is clear as Sizer congratulated AKA over buying Cuba lounge.


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