AKA rubbishes aid package deal for artists

AKA 7 - AKA rubbishes aid package deal for artists
AKA belittle and rejects fund offered for artists as aid package deal throughout this making an attempt time.

The rapper was amongst different SA artists who claimed being broke, and in addition spoke about how the lockdown has affected their monetary state.

Supa Mega has additionally protested towards the Authorities on alcohol ban. He stated folks will get unemployed; nevertheless, Twitter customers assumed he was being egocentric on that, as a result of he has a alcohol line, Cruz Vodka.

Minister Nathi Mthethwa introduced a aid package deal for artists affected by the nationwide lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic.

AKA isn’t happy with the payment paid for the aid package deal; says it’s too small for a month.

“What the fvck am I gonna do with R2200 a month?” he stated.

Twitter customers dragged him for being ungrateful.

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