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How to whiten the teeth using banana peels

banana - How to whiten the teeth using banana peels

Sure, it sounds odd, however you may truly use banana peels to whiten your tooth.

That is thought of so due to the fantastic supply of minerals and nutritional vitamins the banana peel include in it that makes it so important in tooth whitening.

To make use of, discover a completely ripe banana, one that doesn’t have brown spots is nice.

1. Peel the banana

Select a banana with no spot. you need it to be ripe (as that is when it incorporates probably the most minerals) however not black.

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2. Rub the within of the peel in opposition to your tooth

For shut to 10 minutes rub the within of the banana peel in opposition to your prime and backside tooth, till they’re fully coated in a layer of banana paste.

3. Brush your tooth

As soon as the ten minutes are up, take a dry toothbrush and use it to brush the banana paste into your tooth.

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4. Comply with similar process each day

It’s unlikely that you simply’ll see any outcomes after only one remedy, so proceed rubbing your tooth with banana peel for as much as two weeks.

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