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Prince Kaybee apologizes after Themba’s abusee called him out

Prince Kaybee Woman - Prince Kaybee apologizes after Themba's abusee called him out

Prince Kaybee was known as out in a video by a lady to thoughts his enterprise.

The girl trended on Twitter after a person named Themba slapped her. The person is claimed to be her lover and he or she recorded the video.

The DJ noticed the video and condemned the person’s abusive act.

“My different concern is that there’s different Themba’s on the market who by no means make it to social media, that do that on a daily, I take into consideration that alot.”

After numerous individuals expressed their concern for the lady, she later did one other video and urge individuals to remain off her relationship.

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The girl particularly talked about Kaybee, which bought him apologizing on Twitter.

“I want to apologise for my opinion in regards to the girls abusive r/ship, it may need made her scenario worse however I hope and pray she finds the power to assist herself go away. I’m conscious the abuser is utilizing the abused to scare assist away, MEN WE DONT BEHAVE LIKE THIS,” he mentioned

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