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Canadian Express Entry: The Best Way For Immigrants

The Express Entry system was launched in January 2015 and marked a critical transition in the management of Canadian immigration applications from economy class programs.

Before the system was introduced, requests for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), the Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC) and the Skilled Worker Class (FSWC) were executed on a first-come, first-served basis. served first.

The approach guaranteed to all candidates that their applications would be evaluated, those who reached the required threshold receiving a permanent residence permit. However, they also had to pass an admissibility test.

The Express Entry system ranks FSTC, FSWC and CEC applicants and is part of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) of Canada based on the Global Ranking System (CRS) score.

As part of the CRS, applicants are invited to apply to become permanent residents of Canada based on skills such as proficiency in French, English, education, skilled work and age. Regular draws take place where people with a high score are invited to submit their candidacies.

Old system too slow

One of the drawbacks of the old system was the delays due to the large number of applicants in a few available places, creating backlogs, which took years to clean up, leaving families desperate. The delays also created the possibility that immigrants who obtained permanent resident status never met Canada’s labor market requirements. Jobs may become redundant in a short period of time, making it difficult for those who work to integrate them into the workforce.

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Goodbye, arrears

Express entry helped clear the backlog, reducing wait times to less than six months.
System Draws provide candidates with a clear picture of the required number of CRS points they need to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) to become permanent residents. During this year, candidates who scored between 439 and 472 received ITCs.
Their CRS score can be improved by getting better scores on language tests, studying in Canada, having more work experience or getting a job offer, among other things.

There is a strong indication that the express entry system will help applicants to achieve a high score due to honesty in the allocation of points. However, it is unclear whether immigrants can benefit from better economic prospects as a result.

Young, highly qualified candidates with proficiency in French and English and work experience in Canada are more likely to have a high CRS. In addition, candidates who have a provincial appointment, brothers or sisters in Canada or who are employed receive additional points.

How To Apply For Canadian Express Entry Successful
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Two-layer system

There are no restrictions on the two-layer application system of the Express Entry system. Applicants can obtain permanent resident status in less than six months, while applicants from Quebec and those from the federal government program must wait longer to obtain permanent residence. The federal government needs 18 months to process PNP non-express entry requests. These delays erode people’s confidence in the PNP and undermine the Canadian government’s efforts to promote economic development. Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the four Atlantic provinces use the PNP to admit most of their economic immigrants.

Canada is also facing a challenge in its efforts to encourage immigration from Francophone communities outside Quebec, with only 4% of the candidates for Express Entry in 2018.

Express entry meets expectations

In general, the Express Entry system has more advantages over its disadvantages and it achieves its set objectives. The federal government has also demonstrated flexibility in implementing the policy by introducing reforms that allow stakeholder feedback. For example, international students can earn an additional 30 points under the CRS.

The Express Entry system is being readjusted by the federal government to help improve performance.